The message is simple: seize the moment. The main feature is a single star shaped hand that moves with every second.

For the first time, the movement of a watch is not used to tell the time, but to invite the wearer to live with awareness and gratitude. This celebration of time is expressed through elaborate, made-in-Italy artisan techniques involving the experimental and innovative use of materials typical of the Métiers d’Art of haute horlogerie.

Forget the idea of a watch as a useful instrument for marking the rhythm of your commitments and start contemplating the intrinsic value of its perpetual movement.


Dials become protagonist through “Metiers d’Art”,
celebrating decorative techniques and artistic craft.

Art collection finds inspiration in Art, History and Culture.
It expresses an authentic and strong creativity,
through craftsmanship & know-how such as engravings, mosaic,
hand painting on many different materials and natural stones.
Each jewel tells a very special and unique story.


ORA is an Italian word that means NOW in English.
Also, ORA means HOUR.

This concept is emphasized by the modernism and the geometry of flat discs
that remind a watch dial.
A small little star at the centre expresses the importance of the moment.
Time is ORA. Time is NOW.