Teatro Wild
Teatro Wild

Teatro Wild

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The perfect synthesis of jewelry design and masterful craftsmanship Swiss Made. 
One of a kind pendant that changes aspect through a quartz movement that allows the disk to make a complete round of 24 hours. On the day face there is an elephant, symbol of memory, while on the night one there is a jaguar, symbol of cunning. The star represents the seconds hand and reminds those who look at it that time doesn’t come back. It is an hommage to the memory through imagination.

Jewel Description

18kt Gold 3N Case - weight 50.7g
Setting : 26 diamonds brillant cut, quality IFàVVS/G+ = 0.13 ct
1x pink sapphire cabochon, Gem quality = 0.15 ct
Dial: Mother of pearl disk hand made painted, engraved, carved and with appliques of mother pearls
Sunset and Sunrise indexes: Natural Orange and Pink Sapphires
Quartz Movement. Swiss made.